A Seller Wants Way Too Much for Their Property—What Now?

 · ”If you know that a property will never sell at any price even close to the list price that the seller wants, the best advice is to simply walk away from an overpriced listing and focus instead on finding realistic, eager sellers who understand the value of their home,” she advises.

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If you are a US citizen, any income you earn any where in the world is taxable in the United States. By selling real estate it’s not the incoming how much is the capital gains they earn. So if you bought a property for 100 euros and sold it for a hundred and ten euros, your capital gain would be 10 euros.

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In other cases, the seller is simply greedy and wants to sell for more than the home is worth. Whatever the reason for overpricing, it can lead to a situation where the FHA appraisal amount falls short of the mutually-agreed-upon purchase price.

EEEEEEEE! super wary of this. In fact, when I’ve been asked, I have usually just told my clients "btw seller is asking to stay x amount of time after closing, I think we should say no, it’s way too much liability & risk" and I’ve never had an argument from them. If people are moving out anyway they can rent a pod or storage space for their stuff.

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