Anne Ashworth: Don’t expect lenders’ generosity to last

House prices in non-aspirational’ suburbs could fall 85 per cent October – Macquarie Bank, a major australian investment bank forecasted an end to property prices with "quarter-on-quarter house prices to fall from the March 2016 quarter before beginning to recover from June 2017, with a 7.5 per cent fall from peak to trough".

Anne Ashworth: Pension tax reliefs for the higher-paid have already been reduced and more cuts are coming. The justification for this reform is fairness: the higher-paid have had it too good. But if you make company pension scheme membership less attractive to executives, this make it less likely that they will support these schemes – which will hurt the less well-off.

Missouri CFO’s lavish lifestyle’ funded by embezzling $3.8 million, prosecutors say Fifteen tickets, including three for driving under the influence, were issued over the weekend by Sedgwick County sheriff deputies conducting a DUI saturation patrol. The tickets were handed out.

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An important milestone was passed last month, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics). For the first time since May 2007 – before the credit crunch – more surveyors expect house prices to rise, rather than fall, in the next three months.

Levy a mansion tax, just don’t expect owners to admit to living in one – Large buildings have generated a lot of heat this week. Such is the strength of the sun reflected from 20 Fenchurch Street, London – aka the Walkie-Talkie – that parts of a car parked near by have melted; on Tuesday, the frying of an egg, without any other source of energy, became possible – 6th September 2013

According to the daily mail earlier this week, house prices have doubled in the past four years. Middle England is presumably either rubbing its hands or fretting, or both. The claim, which was the Daily Mail’s splash, was said to be based on official figures. The trouble is, it is not true. House.

Anne Ashworth: Don’t expect lenders’ generosity to last. Anne Ashworth, Property and personal finance editor. How to find the best broadband deals. laura Whateley.

Property prices and buy to let after the credit crunch by Lettting focus.. anne ashworth, writing in the Times today, cites Liverpool as a good case in point.. I don’t think this could happen anytime soon, but if it did, that really could put the skids on house prices and rental levels..

Speaking at yesterday’s Great Housing Debate in Westminster, organised by the Wriglesworth consultancy, Anne Ashworth of The Times said there was widespread ignorance of the Mortgage Market Review. MMR, which kicks in on April 26, will mean that mortgage applicants must be questioned in depth as to their ability to repay the loan both now and in future.