Charlotte home-seekers keep buying – even as prices keep climbing

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How much did existing-home prices rise in the second quarter of the year? Cash-strapped buyers might want to sit down for this.. Real Estate News. As Home Prices Keep Climbing, Here’s What You.

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Keep in mind tht the due diligence date allows the buyer to back out of the contract for any reason or no reason. Once that date is reached, if the appraisal isn’t completed and it comes back for less than the purchase price and you, as the buyer want to back out, you will in all liklihood lose your Earnest Money as well.

"Inventory coming onto the market during this year’s spring buying season – as evidenced again by last month’s weak reading – was not even close to being enough to satisfy demand. That is why home prices keep outpacing incomes and listings are going under contract in less than a month – and much faster – in many parts of the.

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“The root cause of the underperforming sales activity in much of the country so far this year continues to be the utter lack of available listings on the market to meet the strong demand for buying.

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Here are 5 things to know if you’re buying or selling a home in Charlotte in 2017.. and an uptick in home prices.. Other factors that keep things competitive: The strength of Charlotte’s.