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It’s a Marshmallow World My little guy in his snow fort with a load of snowballs at the ready, waiting for his mom and sister to turn their backs for just a second! Like much of the country, we were clobbered by a wicked snow storm today.

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 · In canned items I have quite a variety of things with a few more to be added as time allows this winter. Jellies and jams: There are 12 half pints of plum jam, 13 half pints of apricot jam, 3 half pints of peach jam 24 quarter pints of pepper jelly (not pictured here), 1 half pint of blackberry jam (a gift from the neighbor), and one quarter pint of cherry preserves (a gift from a co worker).

2012 is a big year, I’m dropping down from full time work to part time hours to focus on a full class load (19 units) of honors classes, botany, California geography, critical writing and hopefully chemistry. I was elected as an officer of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) so theres events and work to do there, and some conferences to attend.

NAFCU witness Purvis stresses importance of credit unions’ access to secondary market in Senate Banking hearing – CUInsight CUNA witness, reps. emphasize importance of access to financial. – Credit Union insight. cuna witness, Reps. emphasize importance of access to financial. CUNA witness Rachel Pross, chief risk officer at Salem, Ore.. Several committee members said they agreed with Pross' testimony, that. CUNA pushes against increased bank access to bases in Senate NDAA.

Its really beginning to look like fall around here & I’m totally loving it! I love the rich beautiful colors of the leaves changing, the coolness (more would be ok!) the idea its time to start hunkering down. All in all it is most definitely my favorite season. I’m also a big fan of Halloween.

1. Generators – These cost a lot, you have to store the gas, they have to be outside to run and they are noisy. If you have wood heat then the only thing you would need it for is to run the freezer while you dry and eat everything in it. If you live in a cold climate with no wood heat, you may need it to run a small space heater but if you can find a long-term alternative, the better off you are.