Crunch time looming for interest-only borrowers

A quarter of a million homeowners on riskier interest-only mortgages will face a refinancing crunch in five years’ time, a specialist lender has warned. They will have hit the repayment dates on thier loans by January 2024 and will not have moved on to a new mortgage deal, according to Kensington Mortgages.

Crunch time looming for Aussie dollar speculators. Caught in a downdraft. exchange rate forecasts under the spotlight .. Loans worth almost half the nation’s GDP are on interest-only terms. We look at the data behind why the RBNZ has expressed concern over these levels, and who is most vulnerable

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These factors, added to historically low borrowing rates, boosted demand, and prices have soared to the extent that 43 is now the average age of a first-time buyer in London. floating rates or.

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"Interest-only loans may seem like a convenient way to reduce monthly repayments and keep the interest charges as high as possible as a tax hedge, but at some time the chickens have to come home.

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Crunch time looming for interest-only borrowers A quarter of a million homeowners on riskier interest-only mortgages will face a refinancing crunch in five years’ time, a specialist lender has warned.

That’s the day when instead of paying interest only on their. And even if the borrower has enough equity left to do a reverse mortgage, they still will have paid interest on that money which they.

Morgan Stanley continues to warn that by forcing some borrowers to switch to principal and interest repayments, it risks “feeding the consumer cash flow and credit crunch”. APRA’s push to curb.

TENS of thousands of Queensland homeowners are facing a looming mortgage crunch as $6 billion worth of interest-only loans reset at higher rates over the next few years, new research has revealed.

If you haven’t already, you should schedule a review of your HMDA data soon and allow the Q4 period as a cushion of time to correct records before the year-end crunch begins. HMDA data is required to be reported by March 1st each calendar year for the previous calendar year, so, many organizations conduct a review of the entire LAR once all.