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Debt Trap. An incentive structure that lures individuals into accepting long-term debt obligations under conditions that strongly favor the lender. Victims of debt traps are often prevented from discharging the debt through techniques such as unusually high or variable interest rates, changing payment plans, and unreasonably high penalties for late payments.

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The reader will know what is a debt trap. One can use the online debt burden calculator to know if one is in danger of falling in the debt trap. The reader will also know how to avoid falling into the debt trap. If you like the article, kindly consider posting your view in the comment section below.

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What makes us live this way? Our debt burden. Why we carry this burden? Because we have not learnt the other way. Always carrying some kind of debt behind us has become natural. Debt is no longer a bad thing. Everybody has it, so its good? This is the reason why, we seek knowledge about things that can fetch us more debt "easily".

Your debt-to-burden ratio (DBR) is an important factor that will determine your ability to receive a loan and the financing amount. Find out how you can calculate it. When applying for a mortgage or a personal loan, one basic criteria point banks will check off the list is the calculation of your debt-to-burden ratio (DBR).