Departing Observer editor: Journalism’s power is being the voice for the voiceless

He then worked briefly as chief editor in the paper’s Washington bureau and on the national and metropolitan news desks before becoming metropolitan editor, a major job which involved directing a staff of more than 100 reporters and editors. While serving as metropolitan editor, Boyd oversaw a major expansion of the newspaper’s metropolitan report.

Five things home buyers should never say Their advice is that sellers should never say these 10 things in response. "Why are you selling your house?" might seem like a perfectly innocent question from home buyers, but watch out-if you’re the home seller they’re asking, this is one of the diciest questions you can answer. The reason: Pretty much any explanation you give is.

The latest initiative taken by the Institute of Maltese Journalists to revive a code of ethics for journalists is one that deserves to be commended. But unfortunately, the text put up for discussion

For years now, network news correspondent Jill Rappaport has been known in the pet product arena for her vocal and passionate pet advocacy. She has been a regular at pet trade shows and has used her presence in the media to promote issues such as pet adoption, while also being a champion for pet ownership and the entire industry in general.

Kushner Cos. pays $39M for Soho retail condo, continuing buying spree The Kushner Cos. wants to turn the Williamsburg building into condos. Mary Altaffer/AP . Residents of a building in Brooklyn have brought a lawsuit against Jared Kushner’s real estate company.

Departing Observer editor: Journalism’s power is being the voice for the voiceless By Rick Thames – On my final day as editor of the Charlotte Observer, it’s worth noting what sold me on a career in journalism.

"After five and half years as editor of The Village Voice, Tony Ortega announced in a by-the-way blog post that he would be leaving to work on a book about Scientology while the music editor, Maura Johnston, took to Twitter to say she was leaving the paper as well," David Carr and ben sisario reported Friday for the New York Times.

This 13-year old owns his own house — all 89-square feet of it 13-year-old Luke Thill owns his own home. Screenshot YouTube At 13, Luke Thill owns his own home. It’s tiny. Only 89-square feet, this is the Dubuque, Iowa eighth-grader’s "starter home.

Tonight’s broadcast, "Buying the War" introduced you to intrepid Knight Ridder (now McClatchy) reporters Jonathan Landay and Warren Strobel, who between them have over 40 years experience reporting on.

"Giving voice to the voiceless, The Chicago Defender condemned jim crow, catalyzed the Great Migration, and focused the electoral power of black America," according to the dust jacket of Ethan Michaeli’s 633-page tome, "The Defender: How the legendary black newspaper Changed America," published in 2016.

the world can look forward to being richer by one doctor, nurse, lawyer, therapist and teacher, as five young women finish their educations. This year, as they graduate from high school, they’ve all.