DIY Retirement Savings Exacerbate American Families’ Already High Economic Instability

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DIY Retirement Savings Exacerbate American Families’ Already High economic instability families face more and more economic uncertainty in daily lives. Preparing for retirement is no exception.

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In the second paper findings suggest that change in marital status is the strongest and most consistent risk factor for a child living in a family that experiences a spell of economic instability regardless of the type of economic instability.

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retirement plans, and high-quality health insurance). In contrast to these so-called good jobs, the positions held by workers at the low end offer little opportunity for advancement and few valuable benefits. The workers have scant control over their own job demands and schedules (Kalleberg, 2011). These differences exacerbate income disparities.

DIY Retirement Savings Exacerbate American Families’ Already High Economic Instability Forbes | June 11, 2019 Professor of Public Policy and Public Affairs Christian Weller writes that "families could end up with a lot less retirement income than they had hoped and planned for if they make unlucky or unwise decisions."

Collectively, more than 40 million American families have savings of more than $7 trillion in IRAs. More than 75 million families have an employer-based retirement plan, own an IRA, or both. Rollovers to IRAs exceeded $300 billion in 2012 and are expected to increase steadily in the coming years.

America’s families face a looming retirement crisis and it is worse for Asian-Americans than for whites. Millions of Asian-Americans work in low paid jobs located in high priced communities, but.