House prices in ‘non-aspirational’ suburbs could fall 85 per cent

The city’s typical house will be worth $680,060 in three years’ time, according to the latest RBA cash rate survey. This would mark an 8.1 per cent decline from the current value of $740,000 – just shy of Sydney’s forecast 8.2 per cent fall to an $892,526 median.

October – Macquarie Bank, a major australian investment bank forecasted an end to property prices with "quarter-on-quarter house prices to fall from the March 2016 quarter before beginning to recover from June 2017, with a 7.5 per cent fall from peak to trough".

After growing 85 per cent, Sydney house prices are predicted to fall by about 12 per cent from their peak of almost $1.2 million in 2017. melbourne house prices are predicted to fall by about 11.

House prices in ‘non-aspirational’ suburbs could fall 85 per cent Click to expand. Yeah and look at this graphic showing # of people currently in mortgage stress, that whole area is getting slammed!

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16 July 2018. House prices in the West Midlands could grow by 4.8 per cent in 2018 – 1.8 per cent above the predicted UK average. That’s according to the latest UK Economic Outlook from PwC. The report also estimates the average house price in the region will rise from 185,000 to around 225,000 by 2022.

Nearby Waverley council, which has Rose Bay and Bondi in its area has a median house price of $2.85 million. While Mosman house prices have defied the wider Sydney price fall with an increase of 0.9 per cent, Woollahra recorded a 2.1 per cent drop over the past three months and Waverley remained flat.

Experts predict house prices could plummet by up to 40 PER CENT due to Brexit and wage drop. A possible Brexit -sparked recession coupled with a fall in real earnings, could cause a double blow to homeowners and put them at risk of ‘negative equity’ – meaning that the value of their home is less than the cost of their mortgage.

CoreLogic’s latest hedonic home value index revealed house prices across the city fell by 0.6 per cent over July, the eleventh consecutive monthly fall. prices have also fallen in suburbs where..

House prices in some "non-aspirational" outer suburbs could fall by 85 per cent and there is "no conceivable reason why some don’t go to $1", according to a hedge fund boss.

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