Is someone using your child’s Social Security number without you knowing?

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Your friend is wrong. As a lawful permanent resident, you qualify for retirement. depends partly on where the person retires. However, most undocumented immigrants who worked in the United States.

Your Social Security number is a unique 9-digit number that appears in a 3-2-4 format, such as 123-45-6789. The federal government issues social security numbers, and a number usually stays with a.

December 24, 2010. Children are assigned Social Security numbers, often just a few months after birth. Family members, friends and strangers can use this number to commit identity theft — to use the identifying information without the child’s or parents’ knowledge or permission to open credit accounts or commit other crimes.

Get Your Child a Social Security Number If you didn’t apply for your child’s Social Security number when he was born, you can apply later, at the Social Security office near you . You’ll need to provide:

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We recommend you only obtain a replacement social security card if you need one. You will rarely need to show it. Knowing your Social Security number is what is important. However, if you must get a replacement card, you will need to gather documents proving both your identity and citizenship status.

your child’s identity: Carry your child’s Social Security card, birth certificate or passport with you only when absolutely necessary. Unless you initiate contact, do not provide your child’s Social Security number (or any part of it) over the phone, over the Internet, or in person.

It is unlikely that the credit bureaus will voluntarily remove these without litigation. However, if you can show that these are not your debts, and follow the proper procedures, you should be able to prevail in a lawsuit, and not only get the erroneous reporting removed, but also recover damages and attorney fees.

Impersonating someone. without surrendering personal information. You need to pay for things with your credit card, you need to provide addresses for shipping and billing, and sometimes you even.

And regardless of a person’s birthdate. Whether or not that’s your best strategy depends on a number of variables, however, so you may want to use one of my company’s two tools – Maximize My Social.

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