Millennials Handle Homeownership by Taking Advantage of Refinance Opportunities

millennials handle homeownership by Taking Advantage of Refinance Opportunities Average interest rates on all 30-year notes to Millennial borrowers declined in April 2019, spurring an increase in refinance loans from members of the generation looking to take advantage of lower rates.

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"There’s an opportunity to educate Millennials on alternate loan types, including FHA loans, which allow for smaller down payments, making homeownership more accessible.

Millennials Handle Homeownership by Taking Advantage of Refinance Opportunities. and Millennials jumped on the opportunity to refinance," said Joe Tyrrell, executive vice president of.

Millennials. delaying homeownership, many aren’t saving enough, and nearly half are suffering so much from paying off student loans that they don’t think the financial repercussions are worth it,

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Still, although they are educated, millennials, like Americans in general, lag in financial literacy. Advisors can take advantage. long-term goals like homeownership or retirement take a backseat.

Marketing Mortgages to Millennials: What they look for and 5 ways to stand out. To stand apart from the competition and have Millennials take notice of your company cannot be accomplished in the same manner as with previous generations.. the good news is the opportunity for homeownership.

"While we continue to see Millennials enter the housing market and exercise their purchase power, the uptick in refinances may indicate maturity among this generation who previously purchased a home and are looking for an opportunity to take advantage of lower monthly interest payments."

Ellie Mae, Millennials Handle Home-ownership by Taking Advantage of Refinance Opportunities Average interest rates on all 30-year notes to Millennial borrowers declined in April 2019, spurring an increase in refinance loans from members of the generation looking to take advantage of lower rates.

Millennials are known for challenging traditions, and homebuying is no exception. Whether it’s buying later or opting for handyman specials in newly revitalized communities, they’re exploring new ways of achieving the American Dream. But there are some best practices to keep in mind no matter where or when you buy.

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