Opinion: City puts responsibility for housing crisis on those providing the housing

Greater wealth for the majority unavoidably puts upward pressure on housing prices, squeezing those with less income. So when affordable housing no longer exists we may feel some moral responsibility to help create it. A community, government, or other organization can take steps to stimulate or mandate affordable housing.

Council housing. can provide “different land, different finance, different people”. Kerslake says: “We need to double supply. Private housebuilders won’t increase their supply to get near to this.

The question of who should be responsible. in my opinion, it is far too late for that to happen,” he said. “It would only further delay the creation of the much-needed affordable housing, including.

opportunities for those we’re charged to serve. For generations, the idea of the Federal government providing housing assistance meant only one thing-helping to pay the rent so families can have a roof over their heads. But we must also think about how we can help families to access financial programs, educational opportunities, and higher-

those underhoused trying to find appropriate sized housing for their families. “By relying too heavily on profit-driven, private sector we are abdicating our responsibility (as) a government to.

Opinion + voices. land taxes put the responsibility for solving our housing crisis. of the people who got them, but the city needs hundreds of thousands, Happenings · Athletics · Extension · Health · Giving · Centennial.

And in the last two elections, residents have rejected two ballot measures that would have adopted plans to identify sites for new housing and potentially make way for more low-income options. Those ..

Photo by Matt Mesin/SCNG. Above: construction workers work on a new housing development in Irvine. I wrote a lot about LA’s led-by-the-rich, screw-everyone-else-over Measure S. A lot. And the reason I did was not only because of fears that, if passed-thankfully it didn’t: nearly 70% of the city shot down the anti-housing measure-it would result [.]

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Opinion.. hubs and cities rich with natural resources booming and the Rust Belt and. There's also a shortage of affordable housing, a legacy of the. lend to qualified borrowers once new safeguards were put in place.. not to hold accountable the people responsible for the wrongdoing," Angelides says.

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Only Washington Can Solve the Nation’s Housing Crisis Posted By: trendingpress July 11, 2019 In recent months America’s affordable housing crisis, a long-simmering issue for people of low and moderate incomes, has burst onto the front page.