Parkland parent says Wells Fargo’s conduct on guns and marijuana is dishonest

Tucker carlson suggests parkland gun Control Activists Are ‘Dumb,’ ‘Inaccurate And Dishonest’. With the huge turnout for the March for Our Lives demonstration in Washington last weekend, along with the poise and passion of the young speakers, Carlson and his staff may have had to work overtime looking for ways to smear them.

So do us all a favor, Parkland anti-gun activists. Accept that neither the NRA, legal gun-owners, or the Second Amendment had anything to do with what happened at your school. We won’t allow you to push a harmful agenda while you shift blame on people who had zero to do with what happened in Parkland.

Parkland teens are motivating parents to promise they’ll vote for their safety over gun rights. Before the family had settled into the cozy gated community off Florida’s eastern coastline in which they now live, they had been living up north in Weston, Connecticut. The town sits next to Newtown, Connecticut, where 20-year-old Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children between the ages of six and seven years old in December 2012.

Scandal-Ridden Wells Fargo Rips Off Customers While Funding the Gun Industry and Carceral State. The Wells Fargo Foundation is a major donor to the Baltimore Community Foundation’s "Campaign for BCF and Baltimore" and one of its executives served as an advisor to the fund when the surveillance program was exposed.

Louis XIV of France was a very powerful monarch [who] was famous for having bad things happen under his rule, and people would say If only Louis XIV knew, I’m sure he doesn’t know. If we could just.

Parkland parent says Wells Fargo’s conduct on guns and marijuana is dishonest | Miami Herald

Parkland parent says Wells Fargo’s conduct on guns and marijuana is dishonest – Miami Herald

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Parkland students criticized President Donald Trump for backing down from tougher gun control proposals and catering to the National Rifle Association in an interview with CNN on monday.. david hogg and Alfonso Calderon, who both survived the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in which 17 people were murdered last month, said the White House proposal for gun control and school.

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