r/politics – The Trump coverup no one is talking about: The emperor has no money

The Trump coverup no one is talking about: The emperor has no money. E. J. Dionne points out that Trump has no control over the purse strings, and that severely limits his power to negotiate anything with the Democratic House.

laughable kosher cover-up – Pics. Germany Rejects US Call to deploy ground troops in Syria. Yemeni Houthis Reveal New Cruise Missiles, Surveillance Drones – Vid ‘Iran-Backed’ Attack On Merchant Ship In Red Sea Thwarted – Saudi Coalition. WaPo Says MBS Is The new Saddam Hussein. Muslims boycott Hajj over MBS policies

Judging Trump. Despite the bold talk on immigration, he has so far been an economic populist, rather than a national populist. His best work has been on trade, where he has gotten tough on China and re-opened the NAFTA deal. He’s also dismantled the climate change apparatus inside the Department of Energy and cut a ton of regulations.

Through his spokesman, Mr. Trump has denied having an affair with Stormy. an adult-film actress and the president of the United States, no one would pay attention. michael avenatti: This is about.

Donald Trump’s Enduring Corruption of the Presidency He has transformed the office into a kleptocracy, and the Republican Party’s complicity will preserve it for future presidents to exploit.

Biden’s already bleeding from every orifice and no one’s even taken a shot at him yet. + Biden is completely dependent on the big money donors in the party. He has. Trump could save face. + Since.

With home construction slowdown forecast, builders sound jobs warning With home construction slowdown forecast, builders sound jobs. – Home With home construction slowdown forecast, builders sound jobs warning. With home construction slowdown forecast, builders sound jobs warning. May 28, 2019 by admin. That’s echoed by canadian homebuilders association of BC Chief.

Our newsletter gets you up to speed on the most important developments in politics and. to investigators. No one has been charged with crimes that go to the heart of the Mueller probe – whether.

Trump, who has repeatedly said he wants to improve the nation’s infrastructure, abruptly walked out of a meeting with leading Democrats on Wednesday and declared there would be no "investment" until congressional investigations into his personal finances and administration cease.

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To ensure the economy is still good in 2020 even if the long-term repercussions are severe. Trump knows that the ONLY chance he has for re-election is if the economy is doing well. A republican has not won during a recession since 1980 and Trump is deeply unpopular on pretty much every other topic.

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