Report: Racist Lending Policies Cost Black Chicago Homeowners $3.2B

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"The effects have lasted for generations," the report reads, describing what some have called the "$120 billion head start." Those policies fueling residential segregation were inextricably tied to transportation in the region, said Alex Karner, a city planning professor with the Georgia Institute of Technology and co-author of the report.

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The FHA discouraged lending in predominantly black neighborhoods. Redlining was based on evaluations from the home owners’ loan corporation (HOLC), another agency formed during the Great Depression to stabilize the housing market.. "Identifying the victims of racist housing policy in this.

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The typical family income of African Americans today is about 60 percent that of whites. But African Americans’ average wealth is just 8 percent that of whites – a circumstance that Richard Rothstein, research associate at the Economic Policy Institute, said is "almost entirely attributable to federal housing policies from which African Americans were excluded."

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The report tallies the loss of wealth for black Chicago home buyers at $3.2 billion or more due to the sales contracts. Researchers say this is the first study to tie a dollar amount to the impact of predatory lending on black buyers in Chicago in the 1950s.

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5. For example, a 2005 Fed report states that "controlling for credit-related factors not found in the HMDA [Home Mortgage Disclosure Act] data, such as credit history scores and loan-to-value ratios, might further reduce unexplained racial or ethnic differences.

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Across America, a troubling pattern emerges: Nearly two-thirds of mortgage lenders denied home loans for people of color at higher rates than for white people.But among the 6,600 U.S. lenders, some stood out for particularly extreme practices. Note: Unless otherwise specified, all figures below rely on publicly available Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data and reflect conventional home purchase.