Republicans push to expand solar power in NC

Currently, if your solar system generates more energy than your home uses, you can "sell" that power back to Duke, which will credit your bill for the equivalent dollar amount. Under the bill, Duke Energy could petition the state utilities commission to increase fees on net metering or decrease the credits.

Exempting property value increases from solar power systems from accompanying property taxes is an easy way to incentivize solar power. North Carolina seems to agree; 80% of the home value increase from your solar power system is exempt from property taxes.

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Republicans push anti-wind bills in several states as renewables grow increasingly popular In regions like the South, the potential for renewable energy abounds. That isn’t going over well with.

A Republican entrepreneur is putting a whopping $175 million behind a campaign whose message will have some party stalwarts seeing red: The GOP needs to deal with climate change. North Carolina..

(AP) – The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy last week released "Solar in the Southeast 2018," its second annual report on solar expansion. by the North Carolina Utilities Commission for.

State proposals could boost solar energy in Western North carolina march 22, 2017 , by Kirk Ross RALEIGH – Newly proposed changes to expand options for developing solar and alternative energy projects in North Carolina are in the final phase of negotiations and expected to be introduced in time for this year’s session.

Smith and Lujn sought to broaden support for their bill by allowing the use of nuclear power and carbon capture technology on coal plants to count toward the mandate, as well as wind and solar. Their legislation aims to make the U.S. electricity sector more than 90% clean by midcentury or soon after.

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Republicans push to expand solar power in NC A Republican push to expand solar power in North Carolina may stand the best chance yet of ending a state ban that prevents independent energy developers from selling electricity directly to homeowners and businesses.

Two Republican North Carolina lawmakers are SEIA Solar Champions By Kelsey Misbrener | February 16, 2017 The solar energy industries association (SEIA) is honored to present both Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) and Rep. George Holding (R-NC) with the prestigious SEIA Solar Champion Award, an honor bestowed upon entities or individuals who have helped.