Rising home costs hurt Triangle buyers, renters

For most people, this is in the form of monthly rent. When you buy a home and pay a mortgage, you’re actually saving into a permanent asset. Plus, you get the automatic protection against rising rent costs. See how to value a home as an asset Top 8 Reasons for Buying a Home

Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs may increase costs for home buyers and renters By. "Tariffs hurt consumers and harm housing affordability," he said.. But the cost of new homes isn.

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Despite Rising Costs, Most renters feel secure in Their Homes By Aaron Terrazas on May. 17, 2017 Most American renters – including lower-income renters – feel confident that they will be able to stay in their current home as long as they want.

Too many renters are a bad sign in a condo complex By. The danger of foreign buyers gobbling up American homes;. passing the costs and repayment of such loan to the condo unit owners..

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(Among all states, only Hawaii is more expensive, on average, than California.) As of early-2015, the typical california home cost 7,000, more than double the typical U.S. home ($179,000). California renters also face higher costs. In 2013, median monthly in California was $1,240, nearly 50 percent more than the national average.

This reality – especially frustrating because property taxes keep rising. Buyers want homes with updated kitchens and bathrooms, in attractive locations and with few downsides. Or they want a house.

Driven by investor speculation and other market factors, housing costs may be growing faster than the average income, further alienating potential buyers and pushing them back into the rental market. Prices may rise so quickly in some areas as to frighten off both investors and private home buyers. Were this to occur it could increase the.

According to Trulia, nearly 20% of renters who want to buy say that rising interest rates are their biggest obstacle to buying a home, which is up from 13% who made that claim back in April when.

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