Should I Sign the Seller Disclosure if I Have Unanswered Questions?

However now I dont have them sign any. Its not my job. And if a seller doesnt give me a TDS I could, if needed, use the non disclosure to resend a deed. Not that I have, I just like having that option. Also I like Not having disclosure on a transaction. So not receiving the disclosures helps I think when I have to disclose on a sale.

Buyers must sign off on all disclosures and reports. So it’s important to review them carefully and ask questions if you need to. full disclosure upfront is the way to go. providing full disclosure can help a seller.

Florida law requires that the transaction broker disclosure be made before working with a client and that the disclosure be signed by the buyer or seller. False, under Florida law, it is presumed licensees are operating as transaction brokers unless a single agent or no brokerage relationship is established.

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FAQ: Seller’s Disclosure Notices. These disclosures require the seller to document any known defects or malfunctions as well as maintenance history to the best of their knowledge. This disclosure is a legal representation of fact by a seller and is subject to liability if a buyer reasonably relies on its accuracy in making a purchase decision.

We can however explain the nature of the question and inform the seller all questions are subject to independant confirmation. If a simple mistake is made a seller can change the answer and initial the change before a deal has been made. I always have a sellers disclosure form completed before taking the actual listing.

The questions on the Seller’s Disclosure notice (txr 1406) ask if there are lawsuits or other legal proceedings that may directly or indirectly affect the property, which can include divorce, tax, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and heirship proceedings. A buyer isn’t required by law to sign a seller’s disclosure notice.

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Answer: TRID does not require the seller to sign the Closing Disclosure. The date issued is just that the date issued. The first Closing Disclosure you provide will be dated at least 3 days prior to closing (if provided in person on the date issued).