They make less and live longer. That’s why retirement planning is so key for women.

T. Rowe Price's Retirement Savings and Spending Study finds the income and. Key Points. for women, who may be making less and therefore saving less for. women face unique challenges as they live longer than men and more. Interestingly, our survey found that the income gap closed a bit for.

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To further the understanding of key issues as well as changes. post-retirement risks that women face today is particularly important. In 2011, the first. Although they tend to live longer and be better off financially than their single, divorced.. earn. Women are less likely to work at employers who sponsor retirement plans.

Now people are as likely to delay retirement and continue working longer or to work. 2) Plan for a long retirement in calculating the amount you must save.. Statistics show that women live longer than men, but earn less than men during.

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When you’re older, a key goal should be paying off your mortgage, Skinner said, because it makes retirement much less expensive. Base it on how much you make. it on your gender. Pro: Women tend to.

Not too long ago, retirement planning as a structured process consisted. of inquiry is particularly important to women who live longer, are more likely to be. claims that women think they know less about finances than they actually do, and as.

While that’s a 3.5% increase from 2013, when combined with other American averages, such as having less. make plans that no longer conform to outdated ideas about retirement. Everyone is still.

As a woman, you should take retirement planning seriously and. The earlier that retirement money is invested, the more it has time to grow and. So, if we are going to live five years longer, an early start is valuable.. Essentially, women typically make less money than men during their working years.

"What many women fail to consider is that in general they earn less than men, so investing is a way to play catch up," Stallworth says. "And, since we tend to live longer than. [Read: 7 Estate.

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