This news is good if you’re a homeowner. Not so if you’re planning on buying

And more specifically, why you should avoid buying in HOA neighborhoods. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve lived in both HOA neighborhoods and non-HOA neighborhoods – as well as condos – so I have some perspective on what’s really going on – and why HOAs aren’t as benign as most people think.

It turns out that a good 84% of Americans make the same critical mistake that could derail not only their budgeting efforts, but their short- and long-term savings efforts. It’s called impulse buying.

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Furthermore, the mobile app from Travelers sits at a not-so great rating in the iTunes store, with few features related to homeowners insurance. In fact, the app is mostly directed to auto insurance customers anyway, so it’s probably worth skipping the app altogether if you’re not looking to bundle your insurance coverages. USAA

Weak pound has ripple effect on house prices There have been some signs over the past month that the effects of the post-brexit referendum depreciation of the pound may soon start to fade. earnings were weak and house price growth moderated..Slowing house price growth is sign of a cooling economy, warns Nationwide U.K. House Price Growth Shows Signs of Slowing – WSJ – Stagnant Wages, Tighter Lending and Interest fears damp demand. LONDON-The rapid increase in U.K. house prices showed some signs of abating in September, amid Bank of England concerns that a budding bubble in the U.K. housing market could pose a risk to the country’s wider economy. According to a survey released Wednesday by building society.Labour’s populist NIMBYism gets the housing crisis wrong – CapX  · The housing crisis’ is basically a housing affordability crisis. It manifests itself in the form of extraordinary housing prices and rents after three decades of nearly uninterrupted price increases. A much larger part of our income is now being spent on housing than in past decades.

If you’re planning to buy a home in 2018, don’t make this mistake. And the expenses don’t stop once your name is on the deed. Homeowners should expect to pay 10 to 20 percent of the price of the home each year, according to Cathy Derus, a CPA and founder of Brightwater Financial. That includes expected costs, such as mortgage payments, insurance,

If You’re a Homeowner You Should Know How to Do This Stuff December 13, 2017 If you’re a homeowner and you don’t want to spend all of your money on property repairs and improvements, then there are a few skills that you should know how to do.

So you buy the more expensive version, it works okay but not as good as you want, so you break down and finally buy the expensive high quality version. You ended up paying twice as much and being less happy with the results for two years than if you had just bought the expensive thing right away.

That’s great for the homeowner-landlord, but not so great for the real estate industry, or the supply of affordable homes for sale. "People who buy a home and sell their home are the meat and drink of the real estate business, but increasingly, we’re only getting half the sales from them," explains Glenn Kelman, chief executive of Redfin.