Tool debuts in KC to close funding gap in a redevelopment project

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Redevelopment projects can be small or large ranging from a single building to entire new neighborhoods or "new town in town" projects. Redevelopment also refers to state and federal statutes which give cities and counties the authority to establish redevelopment agencies and give the agencies the authority to attack problems of urban decay.

Close the Funding Gap Many factors impede the funding and financing of projects. These include a combination of limited fiscal resources, a competitive funding environment, federal and state allocation uncertainties, and a dynamic economic climate. Our experienced finance team can guide you through the process and help deliver successful outcomes.

With the prevalent income tax laws making it difficult for home owners in redevelopment projects to claim the benefits on capital gains, the budget for FY 2017-18 has proposed some changes. We look at whether these will bring any relief to tax payers As per the income tax laws, any profit on sale or.

2013/2014 Eco-Logical Program Annual Report. Project funding Appendix A includes detailed summaries of each project.. Logical grant project sought to build a framework for an efficient and sustainable transportation system in the Greater Kansas City region. As part of the project, MARC developed an Action Plan with the goals of.

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 · Harrisburg, PA – Governor tom wolf today announced seven new project approvals through the Commonwealth financing authority (cfa), totaling more than $20.7 million in funding to support business growth in Pennsylvania that will lead to the creation and retention of more than 1,145 jobs. “Projects like those approved today not only propel business development efforts [.]

state supplemental tax increment financing (TIF). When local tax increment financing leaves a gap for a redevelopment project, a municipality can apply for a portion of the new state tax revenues created by the project to be disbursed to cover the financing gap for eligible redevelopment.

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 · The Missoula Redevelopment Agency approved a one-time remittance of $2.7 million to help the city of Missoula close a shortfall in its Fiscal Year 2019 budget, though this year’s drama has again raised pointed questions about the fairness of the state’s tax system, one that relies almost entirely on property owners.