Wake County wants more affordable housing. Will that mean a tax increase?

That wasn’t the case at Wake County’s housing authority. 5.6 million annually for affordable rental development, totaling over $33 million in the next five years. The city also started allocating.

Low income housing tax Credits in Wake County. You can identify apartment communities that participate in the program in Wake County by looking for the Low Income Housing Tax Credit tag in the apartment list above. View Apartments . If your income is less than 60% of the Area Median Income (AMI),

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Tax Increases to Pay for Affordable Housing: Who Supports What. Members of the Jobs Coalition say they support tax increases to fund affordable housing. But nailing down precisely which members support which tax hikes is tough since the group never took a formal vote on each item.

Wake County: "We have an affordable housing desert". Sig Hutchinson, the chair of the Wake County Board of Commissioners, said there’s a 50,000-unit deficit in affordable housing across the county. The county needs to produce 7,500 new housing units each year to accommodate the projected population growth through 2030.

Homelessness in Wake County. all with the increase in the need. They’re going in opposite directions.” Raleigh leaders agreed in 2016 to raise the property tax rate by 1 cent to generate about $5.7.

households who are "cost burdened" has continued to increase. The Affordable Housing Improvement Plan lays out seven "options" to address the City’s housing needs in a more aggressive fashion. These options are: 1. Expand the use of the 4% Tax Credit for Affordable Housing Allocated through the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency 2.

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If commissioners approve the manager’s recommendation, the owner of a $200,000 property in Wake County will add $128 to their tax bill. For Raleigh homeowners, these hikes would be cumulative.

Wake County is on the cusp of a fourth consecutive property tax increase. As The News & Observer has reported, with annual property tax increases going back to 2014, Wake County has increased school budgets by $100 million, and this million increase will push county per-pupil spending to all-time highs, even adjusted for inflation.

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Basic questions and answers regarding the Housing Tax Credit Programs.. Ensure that the state’s affordable housing supply is. a city council and/or county.