Evalution Flooring Achieves Another Green First for South Africa – Concrete Trends

Guide – Visitors’ 2018 – readkong.com – – Nelson Mandela To residents, the late Nelson Mandela was much more than an international role-model and the first President of a democratic south africa. anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician and philanthropist; he was Madiba, son of this area, who was born and.

Rare Form of Dwarfism May Protect Against Diabetes & Cancer – They’re about three and a half feet tall and their origins are mysterious, but an isolated group of Ecuadorians with a genetic mutation causing dwarfism are making news for another reason. diabetes.

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SA identifies key drivers to affect development with Scenario 2025′ report – [These scenarios] identify probable, but plausible, trajectories for the evolution. that South Africa’s relationship with Africa would be a very important factor in the country’s economic growth..

Hollow-sounding tiles may signal installation problems. – A low tone is not a cause for immediate panic, however. A low-pitched sound can also occur and not signify there is a problem – the type of sound you hear also depends on the configuration of the tile assembly.For example, when tile is installed over a less-dense substrate – as in the case of wood, a non-bonded mortar bed, a sound-control mat or other membrane, or over a steel- framed wall.

We Told You Chicks Are Good at Math: They Count, Add, and Subtract – 80beats is DISCOVER’s news aggregator, weaving together the choicest tidbits from the best articles covering the day’s most compelling topics..

Future of epoxy flooring in Africa – constructionreviewonline.com – Exclusive interview with Vernon Botha, Managing Director of Verni-Speciality Construction Products (Pty) Ltd on the future of epoxy flooring in Africa. Verni’s head-office is situated in Jet Park, Gauteng and a branch office in the DRC; servicing the whole of South Africa and the entire African continent.

Vinyl flooring company expands into carpet sector – Building. – FloorworX recently announced that it will be expanding its business into the carpet and carpet tiles market segment following a partnership with DESSO*, a Tarkett company. The company will now.

How Climate Change May Have Shaped Human Evolution | Science. – Evidence is building that past climate change may have forged some of the defining traits of humanity. The first simple stone tools also appeared with those fossils, which featured some modern traits like bigger brains," deMenocal says. "Then, between 2 million and 1.5 million years ago, we see Homo erectus.

3 Things to Know in the Housing Market Today! Redefy Customers Have Saved More than $41 million in Real Estate Commissions – Since 2013, when redefy began placing the consumer’s interests at the center of the real estate transaction, it has helped over 5,500 families sell and retain more of their equity. “We know.

Dur-A-Flex's New Accelera Fast Track Flooring System Helps. – Available in 12-solid colors for broadcast floors and for decorative options, Accelera Fast Track Flooring also includes Dur-A-Flex’s standard vinyl and quartz blends and unlimited custom blends, making this line a go-to option for architects and interior designs as well.