Maybe Tommy Robinson is collecting the alphabet: EDL, BNP, BFP and Ukip

Maybe Tommy Robinson is collecting the alphabet: EDL, BNP, BFP and Ukip on 18:58 – Nov 25 by Loyal If he is to be forgiven for his early mistakes, what in the future could he be ? Prime Minister Robinson.

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Nottingham EDL organiser, Jay Clark, has made threats against the Nottingham Indymedia website in relation to an article on the site exposing the presence of the EDL and BNP at this year’s St George’s Day march.. "It’s about time these pathetic cunts got wiped clean out of Nottingham" he wrote on Facebook.

Views:40|Rating:3.33|View Time:22:49Minutes|Likes:4|Dislikes:2 STEREO RE-UPLOAD: Alex Jones doesn’t seem to have a problem with many jokes. owen benjamin made a joke about Hitler that rubbed Alex’s underlings the wrong way because Jews were mentioned.

Robinson made his money running a sunbed shop, where people go to make their skin darker. Go figure. Ukip is just the latest in his efforts to learn and collect all the letters of the alphabet, having previously been in the EDL, the BNP and BFP. I wonder if he’ll go for "sexy cop" or "native American feather headdress" when he does YMCA?

No they are nothing to do with the BNP though they are linked to the EDL. The chairman of the party is a former UKIP member, and the party consists mostly of UKIP and conservative types. Its a nationalist fairly right wing party, which is anti EU and anti immigration.

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The Ukip leader, Batten, has publicly supported Yaxley-Lennon. On 24 October, after Yaxley-Lennon’s most recent court hearing, Batten accompanied him to the House of Lords for a lunch with the Ukip peer Lord Pearson – and is now proposing he be allowed to join the party, in defiance of a long-standing ban on former BNP members.

Their main Paul Stearnes, the EDL’s internetz security gurupage was taken again, their Free Tommy Robinson group and their Stockport Division’s page also met an untimely death. Another casualty was their ‘Sikhs who support the edl’ group. unsurprisingly,it was discovered that there was not one Sikh admining the page.