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Rajan, who was subject to stinging criticism of senior BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy, however told he is perfectly happy to go. Terming the political attacks aimed at him as abominable, Raghuram Rajan said was never worried about reappointment or a future career in.

Raghuram Rajan has delivered some uncomfortable economic truths in a career spanning the International Monetary Fund and powerful positions in his native India. The question is whether Brexit Britain is ready to hear them from another foreign Bank of England governor.

Economic slowdown ‘very worrisome’, new set of reforms needed: Former RBI governor raghuram rajan. rbi board meeting today to finalise annual accounts, to take up Bimal Jalan committee’s recommendation. rbi governor shaktikanta das says time banks link loans, deposits to repo rate.

Raghuram Rajan was described as a "rock star" during his three years as governor of India’s central bank. We asked him to explain his theory on why lower inflation is so good. Produced by Suranjana Tewari, filmed and edited by Jaltson AC.

Raghuram Govind Rajan (* 3. Februar 1963 in Bhopal, Indien) ist ein indisch-amerikanischer konom. Seit 1995 ist er Professor an der University of Chicago. Er bert den indischen Premierminister. Von 2003 bis 2006 war er Chefkonom des Internationalen Whrungsfonds (IWF).

IMF. Rajan is a professor of finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and served as governor of India’s central bank from 2013 to 2016.

Former Reserve Bank of india governor raghuram rajan thinks the minimum income guarantee scheme proposed by the Congress is good in theory but needs to take into account the fiscal realities of India.

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An amusing answer from dr. raghuram rajan to an equally amusing question from an engineering student at The Federal Bank K P Hormis Commemorative Lecture!

Former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan on Tuesday warned that capitalism is under "serious threat" of a "revolt" as the economic and political system has stopped providing for the people, especially after the 2008 global financial meltdown. Mr. Rajan, now a professor at the University of Chicago, told BBC.

"Attracting Raghuram Rajan, the highly respected Chicago-based economist.would be a coup, as would securing Agustn Carstens, Mexico’s central bank chief and the new general manager of the Bank of International Settlements," the Financial Times reported on April 22 (paywall).